Driving Lessons

As a local Gold Coast Driving School business operating in the State of Queensland we continue to provide the best  service possible under current circumstances and share with you the information we receive and collate as accurately as possible.

Are driving lessons allowed in NSW?
If you’re living further north, driving lessons are considered a reasonable excuse to be on the roads. This includes from both driving instructors and family members, according to New South Wales Police.

in much stricter Victoria? “The Chief Health Officer has made it clear that undertaking driving practice in the current climate is not an essential activity, unless the learner driver is gaining driving practice in line with one of the four exemptions,” Deputy Commissioner Patton said. “[These include] when driving to purchase food or supplies, or when travelling to work or education.” So unless you’re out on the roads for an essential activity, getting in the car purely for some more time behind the wheel isn’t OK.

How about SA? So what do their rules say about driving lessons? ”These restrictions in South Australia would not prevent two members of the same family group from being together in a motor vehicle for the purposes of a driving lesson,” SA police said.

and in WA? A Department of Transport spokeswoman said that given current COVID-19 advice: “Learners and supervisors are encouraged to assess their need to continue to practise driving at this time. “But those new drivers who decide to keep practising are “encouraged” to have a supervisor from their household who has had a licence for at least four years and to stay in their region. That’s important because WA does have intrastate border closures, dividing the state up into nine separate territories. Anyone crossing into another region without a good reason could face fines of up to $50,000. And if parents don’t want to take their children out to learn, classes are still OK. “Learners undertaking professional lessons with an instructor can continue to do so,” the spokeswoman said.

What about QLD? Department of Transport and Main Roads say that driving locally is OK. “They [the Department] have moved to ensure that supervisors, usually parents and their kids, can drive around their local village, their local neighbourhood and get their 100 hours,” Mr Turner said.

Tasmania? Yes, it’s OK here as well. Driving lessons are a “reasonable excuse” under the state’s current public health order. The reasoning is similar to New South Wales — it’s an educational activity you can’t do at a desk, so it fits in with other rules saying you’re allowed to travel for education if you can’t learn at home. But the State Government still urges people to “drive within their local area”.

We cannot get any concensus on the Northern Territory at the current time.

From Easy Start Driving School  – Interesting fact is that Driving Schools/Driving Instructors are seen as an educational service and some states acknowledge this and some states do not. “One Country many rules” Many of of us are not only passionate about what we do but are trying to earn a living in a very uncertain time. I thought that our Government and Prime Minister is encouraging businesses to continue where possible however we continue to get unclear advice on whether we are doing the right or wrong thing. It does not help when we have the RACQ, a reputable company, providing conflicting advice and backtracking a few hours later. This does not help us to provide the best advice possible to our students and their parents at a time that they look to us for reassurance that all is well. We have a strict policy in place that our cars are sanitised between each and every driving lesson and get students to sanitise their hands before entering the car. If we suspect a student is unwell, the driving lesson does not proceed.