Disabled Rehabilitation Driver Training

Aged Assessments

As we grow older and frail, circumstances may present themselves to have your driving questioned and are faced with having to take a medical assessment to evaluate you and your driving. This is always a trying time especially when you have been driving for countless decades without question to your ability. Your first encounter will be from your Doctor who will have your licence revoked on the grounds of medical assessment. They will ask you to undergo the assessment with an Occupational Therapist who in turn would involve a Driver Trainer to assess your driving skills. Please be assured that we are not looking at having your licence cancelled but more to look at how you adapt to our ever changing traffic and road conditions to keep you and you and other road users safe. This is a growing trend considering that we are living and driving for longer than previous generations.

Disabled Driver Training

Due to the passionate approach to Driver education and the drive to embrace all aspects of Driver Training we have been fortunate enough to have a Dedicated Rehabilitation Driver Trainer with a wealth of experience spanning 40 years to extend services to this sphere of Driver Education. Andrew is Accredited in both Queensland and New South Wales to conduct Driver Training.

We have 2 dedicated cars that are fully equipped with every Driver Aided device that is possible to fit in one vehicle. All of the devices installed and fitted were chosen as the lowest cost factor for those that have limited or no funding. These range from simple Spinner Knobs, Indicator extensions, Left Foot Accelerators, Push /Pull, Push/Pull systems. We also work with a number of Suppliers offering various visual enhancing Products for those that are fairly restricted in movement.
With the ever changing and innovative products coming onto the market, we try to stay on top by making sure we are evaluating new products to provide complete and unbiased feedback on what is out there to make driving a bit more manageable no matter the disability.

The installer of choice is Safe-T-Ride in Southport, QLD and find their service second to none with a wide range of Disabled Driver Aided Devices including Vehicle modifications such as Extending and Remote Drivers Chairs, Wheelchair Lifts, Ramps Etc. The range of Disabled Driver aided Devices extent to the electronic systems that are wired into the vehicle and makes for ease of use when the manual systems are a little more difficult to use. The other consideration is that in most cases of a vehicle being fitted with electronic devices can have these switched off for other abled bodied drivers to drive the vehicle legally.

Occupational Therapist Driver Assessments

As we work with a number of Occupational Therapists in Southern Queensland and Northern N.S.W we are guided by them on how assessments are conducted and what they want to have assessed and only after the initial Assessment they would recommend the level of Training required, what equipment to be used and what restrictions to be included once the training and final assessment are done.