Corporate or Individual Training

More and more safety conscience companies who have their vehicles driven by their employees need to demonstrate good driving habits out on our roads and their driving is a reflection of their companies vision and ethos on contributing to safer roads.

Learner Driver

We offer Driving Lessons whether you are a complete beginner or someone requiring a few lessons to prepare for your test. We offer it all, trust us to make the difference on passing your driving test first time.

Keys 2 Drive

We are Keys to Drive accredited to deliver the FREE government sponsored driving lesson to you and your supervisor. This can be provided across the entire Gold Coast at a time that suits you both.

Defensive Driver Training

People get very confused with the offer of Defensive Driving. Sure we would all like to go on a track and push the car as fast as we can, put in a skid pan and have the thrill of skidding and trying to get control. We take a more practical approach and take groups of up to 4 individuals for a half day or full day course on our roads and teaching the identification of potential risks and hazards and how to deals with these in a controlled manner. Most of students who take this course find it extremely valuable in providing them with the additional knowledge that may potentially save their lives with this newly acquired skill set.

Intensive Driver Training

Intensive Driver Training means exactly that. If you have put off driving and need to get your license quick, then this for you. We provide all the training you need to prepare and take a Practical Driving Test in a very short space of time. We offer Manual or Automatic and a dedicated Driving Instructor to teach you the skill set to pass your test.

Rehabilitation Driver Training

We have cars with dedicated disabled driver aided devices to allow training to suit whatever disability you may have to enable you to rediscover the freedom that driving brings you. We work with a number of Occupational Therapists to help organise the training required to get you back on the road despite any disability. We are happy to accommodate requests for training from as far as the Sunshine Coast to Northern New South Wales.


Client Photo
Elizabeth Sofia

Learning to drive is not only about passing the test, it is also being able to be confident and competent driver. To be able to look after myself whether it is on a wet road, or on a busy road in the dark.

Client Photo
Julian Dooley

I had always been afraid of driving. I am 45 and my new year’s resolution was to finally get over my fears and learn to drive. After only my first lesson with Easy Start Driving School, I felt a lot more confident about driving. And now after 10 lessons, I love to drive. I wish I did this earlier!

Client Photo
Jackson Walker

Previously I had driving lessons with a different company that never was able to fit me into a time that was suitable for me. With Easy Start Driving School they are always willing to try and accommodate the time slots I want and made available to me.